Median Income for Solar

Median Income For Solar

Homeowners across the United States have begun a rooftop solar revolution.

Homeowners Solar PanelOwn your solar system with no money down and only small monthly payments.
Take advantage of NY state funded Green Jobs Green New York program 
On Bill Financing allows you to apply fixed monthly payments to own your solar system. 

Own your Solar system and take advantage of all the State and Local incentives
30 percent federal tax credit
25 percent state tax credits
Local rebates

YSG's Community Shared solar models allocate the electricity of a jointly owned or leased system to offset individual consumers’ electricity bills, allowing multiple energy consumers to share the benefits of a single YSG solar array.

Community Shared Solar subscribers are the community members who receive a percentage of the energy produced from the local YSG solar farm. Subscribers may be individuals or businesses;

Why Community Shared Solar?

The output of community shared solar arrays can be divided among residential and commercial energy consumers lacking the necessary unshaded roof space to host a PV system of sufficient size, or divided among customers seeking more freedom, flexibility, and a potentially lower price.

What is Community Shared Solar?




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YSG Solar is a New York based solar panel installer. We design, finance and install solar electric systems. YSG Solar is committed to provide high quality equipment, installation and customer service.



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