System Design and Engineering

System Design/Engineering

YSG Solar provides professional engineering services to all of our customers. YSG has electrical, structural and civil engineers to assure that you project is designed in a code compliant and efficient method. We provide an all in one custom design and solar panel installation service. 

  • We prepare customer blueprints for every project that are shared with all of our clients.
  • Our solar panel designs incorporate high efficiency with a sleek aesthetic look.
  • Third-party verification. All of our designs are submitted and reviewed by NYS/NYSERDA under the NY-SUN program. 
  • YSG Solar makes the solar panel process quick simple and easy. Get started today by calling 516-855-SAVE (7283).

Did you know that 65% of power produced at a central power plant are lost in power distribution transmission line?

System design considerations:

The three basic fundamentals to a system design are sun exposure, roof tilt/roof condition and orientation. 

Voltage Drop: Losses occur anytime electricity is transferred. Good solar panel design practice is to minimize this loss. YSG Solar keeps our voltage drop loss to under 2%.

Snow protection: Here in New York and throughout the Northeast we need to take snowfall into consideration. Large snow fall can increase the roof weight which our structural engineers need to take into consideration. Snow will always melt quicker off your solar panels than any other areas of your roof. It is crticial to have YSG solar snow/ice breakers to prevent dangerous large snow fall.

YSG Solar designs, plans and impelements small residential projects to large scale solar installations. Getting proper





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YSG Solar is a New York based solar panel installer. We design, finance and install solar electric systems. YSG Solar is committed to provide high quality equipment, installation and customer service.



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