Solar Consulation

kWh's is our deal, saving money is yours.

YSG Solar has a unique consultative approach. We treat solar energy as an investment opportunity.

Our customers take advantage of our staff's twenty years of experience. YSG Solar employees engineers, electricians, accountants and policy experts to best take advantage of solar electric.

Our process is simple and effective. Using a proprietary 60 point rating system we can provide you with.

Power Production Guarantee


Utility costs are steadily increasing. Naturally, utilities will pass those costs onto consumers. A solar system allows you to lock in a portion of your energy prices today and watch your savings grow over time.

Power Production Guarantee

When you go solar, we design a system specifically for your home's needs. The Power Production Guarantee promises that if the system does not produce the minimum amount of kilowatts predicted, we pay you the difference. And if your system produces more kilowatts than promised, the power is yours at no additional cost.

Stress Free Coverage

Homeowners who go solar enjoy all of the benefits of solar with the added comfort of a money-back Power Production Guarantee, full system insurance, warranty, and no money out of pocket. Community Solar offers affordable payment options to free up household operating capital for other needs.


Community Solar Image 2

  • Quick and easy access to solar power
  • Turnkey solar design and energy management system
  • Affordable payment options
  • Power Production Guarantee
  • Utility bill savings
  • Insurance and system warranty
  • Worry-free maintenance and monitoring

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YSG Solar is a New York based solar panel installer. We design, finance and install solar electric systems. YSG Solar is committed to provide high quality equipment, installation and customer service.



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