Racking Solar Panels

Industry leading technology 100% code compliant, watertight solar roof mounts.

Solar racking is the foundation of your solar electric system. YSG Solar tailors the design of your solar panels to be specefic to your home or business. We understand that all homes are not the same and take the extra time to build a customer design.

  • Exceeds rigid strength testing
  • 100% 25 year no-leak watertight gauarntee
  • Low profile sleek look & complement your home aesthetically

Compare solar racking solar products side by side:

YSG Solar has evaluted dozens of the leading solar racking manufactures and has reported its findings on the best racking solutions below.

New York homeowners and business's are elligbile for a variety of incentives from the NY-Sun initiative, Federal tax credits and NYS state tax incentives. YSG Solar performs a 45 point site survey to evalaute the integrity of your roof, solar potential and overall solar efficiency.


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YSG Solar is a New York based solar panel installer. We design, finance and install solar electric systems. YSG Solar is committed to provide high quality equipment, installation and customer service.



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