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Power Manager

Community Solar utilizes a solar electric array with multiple subscribers connected to the utility grid. The subscribers lease some of the solar panels in the array. Just as if the panels were on their own roofs, subscribers receive a credit on their electric bill for the power the panels produce. Subscribers can even take their solar power with them if they move to another residence or business within the service area.

  • Real-time online monitoring
  • View your daily,monthly and yearly energy consumption
  • View electrical usage by each outlet/circuit
  • Monitor NEM (Solar Credits) applied to your electric bill
  • find certified energy service providers
  • When you subscribe to YSG Solar’s Community Solar program, you not only get efficient, long term green energy, you can monitor your your own energy consumption
  • down to individual outlets
  • in your own home, for free with YSG’s app, “Power Manager”.

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YSG Solar is a New York based solar panel installer. We design, finance and install solar electric systems. YSG Solar is committed to provide high quality equipment, installation and customer service.



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